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Did you know...?

1. Canna lilies are towering plants that stand out due to their vibrantly colored flowers and large size. Canna lilies grow out through thin stems that branch out from notably thick underground roots. While most canna lilies that are grown in this day and age are cultivars, as many as 22 species continue to grow in the wild in parts of the world that experience tropical climate.

2. Even though horticulturists have managed to grow canna lilies in various environments, they flourish in tropical climate in an abundance of sunlight and a moderate amount of water. Canna lilies prefer to grow in soils that are rich in organic nutrients but well-drained. Since canna lilies largely stay free from pests and diseases, they are generally easy to grow.

3. There are a large number of named canna lily varieties that are grown all over the world today with variations in size and color. Canna lilies generally come in a multitude of different sizes, ranging from 45 centimeters all the way to 1.5 meters. These dynamic flowers come in almost every color imaginable, except green, black and blue. A number of species of canna lilies even blend in two or more colors in beautiful striped patterns. Many times, different variations of canna lilies are grown together since they can together make up a beautiful garden display. 

4. Canna lilies are extremely regal plants that have the ability to grow to as much as 3 feet in height. Even though some canna lilies can achieve such great heights, others do not grow beyond 1 foot. This variation is generally due to differences in species, but it can also be attributed to the amount of sunlight exposure the canna lily plant gets. 

5. Besides displaying variation in height, canna lilies also vary in terms of color and style. It is difficult to find two canna lilies that are identical in terms of their appearance. Some species are unicolored whereas others are striped or even dotted. Even in terms of color, canna lilies can be anything ranging from bronze to red, with everything in between. 

6. Despite the fact that canna lilies can survive for an entire winter in a container, they need their sunlight in the summers. They are not the fastest growing plants in the world and take a long time to achieve their full potential in terms of height. However, regular exposure to the sun generally helps increase the rate of growth of canna lilies since their buds are only able to open up in a certain level of heat. This is why canna lilies only grow wildly in tropical and subtropical climate. 

7. Even though Canna Lilies are finicky plants, they are quite easy to grow in the right conditions. Besides adequate sunlight, they require a constant water supply and excellent drainage. If one is able to maintain such an environment, they will be able to light their garden up with the vibrant colors that canna lily leaves have to offer. Since no two canna lily plants have the same appearance, these exotic plants ensure that no garden looks mundane.