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Canna Lily History

Canna Lilies have beautified some parts of the world for hundreds of years, but they never made it into the spotlight until the 1860s, when the first of these plants made it into Europe. Believed to have originated from the Americas, Canna Lilies first rose to fame when they were used in a select number of famous Victorian gardens to add an exotic touch to beautify these upscale gathering spots.

Although some people believe that the first exposure of Europe to these beautiful flowering plants were initially from East Indies, studies suggest that all species currently found in Europe actually originated in the Americas. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there were rumored to be over five hundred different types of Canna Lilies in areas of the world that enjoyed neotropical climates. During this period, Canna Lilies could be found in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. 

Canna Lilies suffered a temporary decline when specially trained gardeners went off to fight the two world wars. These plants required a great deal of care to be able to grow in areas that did not enjoy tropical or subtropical climate, and when skilled gardeners were lost, Canna Lilies also disappeared. The recession that followed did not facilitate the resurgence of Canna Lilies either, but once the global economy took off, these stunning flowers were able to spread themselves into many unfamiliar parts of the world.

Ever since, Canna Lilies can be found in public and private gardens all over the world .They remain a symbol of exotic beauty, particularly in Europe, since they have a distinct appearance from most lily plants.